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    If we don’t give our bodies the time and nutrients they need to recover, we won’t reach our full potential. It’s as simple as that. After an intense session, a number of things happen in the body: glycogen stores deplete, meaning reduced energy; muscle fibres breakdown causing a catabolic state; the immune system shuts down, making the body vulnerable to illness which can put is out of action for longer.

    Luckily, with the right post-workout supplement and nutrition these 3 things can be reversed. Our specifically tailored post-workout formula, MUSCLE REHAB AMPLIFIED is designed to combat these issues and get you back in the gym quicker. By replenishing glycogen reserves, using specialist amino acids to counter the catabolic state and essential immune-boosting Vitamin C and L-Glutamine MUSCLE REHAB AMPLIFIED is the only product you need for incredible recovery, keeping you on your feet. What’s more, our formula includes key electrolytes to replace lost minerals and ensure you stay hydrated.

    Looking for a product to help you recover quickly and keep you performing at your best? Browse our range below to find the supplement that’s right for you.