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    Daisy Ward

    Daisy Ward: Level 3 Personal Trainer and Fitness Model

      • Fitness Model Britain 2014 and 2015 Champion
      • Fitness Model Paris 2015 Champion
      • Ms. Bikini America 2015 Finalist
      • Fitness Model America 2014 Finalist
      • Fitness Model Universe 2014 Finalist

    I am a self employed home personal trainer where I bring the gym to you. I want to help make people's dreams and aspirations come true. I want to help people become confident with themselves. I want to help everyone be happy with the way they look.

    It's taken time to get where I am today, a lot of dedication, motivation, determination and sacrifice. However it's all been worth it. Being so young and to have gained these titles and travel the world is incredible.

    You can't always get where you want to be alone, I couldn't. So let me help you get to where you want to be.