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    Having been raised by an officer in the Royal Marines, I have been conscious of my health and fitness from an early age.
    From the age of about 16 I began to broaden my horizons, entering the fitness industry as a fitness instructor, then a personal trainer. This led to my interests expanding into many different fields such as gym, calisthenics, martial arts, tricking/acrobatics, many forms of street dance and anything else that took my fancy! The physique I have today, I believe to be down to these niche yet diverse interests. I was then spotted by an agency that has given me some of the most incredible experiences, enabling me to travel the world whilst doing what I love the most. I have gone on to work with some of the biggest sports brands in the world, feature in chart topping music videos, tv adverts, televised shows and much more. I now also own my own successful academy, teaching all ages and abilities the skills I have acquired throughout my life.